Halo: The Cole Protocol

Day 1: 12/28/2008

Starting reading this book last night and I’m already 90 pages into it.  Books like this are candy to me, they go down sweet and easy and don’t take a lot of thought to get into.

If you are unfamiliar with the Halo universe, don’t start here. There’s a lot of assumed knowledge. The background that is given is sparse, but adequate for someone who’s played the games, and certainly enough for anyone who’s read the previous books as well.

Two plotlines are developing around the same point.

Point: The Covenant (bad guys in Halo) can’t be allowed to obtain navigation coordinates to Earth.

Plot 1: A colony that has been cut off from Earth has the coordinates to earth still.  The Covenant want it, and so does the UNSC (good guys).  A group of three Spartans are in the area trying to secure the data.

Plot 2:  Jacob Keyes (Captain Keyes from the Halo games) is assigned to a stealth ship and is  hunting down navigation data.  When I left him, he was floating through space and feared his team was lost on his first mission. Oh the humanity.

No doubt the two plots will intersect soon. I’ll try not to spoil it too much.