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I’m going to try my hand at a couple of one-liners that can be put on this book in its 8th printing. Let’s see how it goes.

“Harry Potter’s got nothing on Harry Dresden.” – Libzig.com

“This book made me pee my pants…just a little.” – Libzig.com

“Chicago’s only wizard in the yellow pages is as good at getting himself into trouble as he is at getting out of it.” – Libzig.com

Ok. That’s enough practice. I think it’s obvious that my one –liners need a little work.  I read Book 1, Storm Front,  of the series last year, and immediately put Book 2 on my Amazon.com wish list.  After reading this book in just a couple of days, I now have Books 3-10 on my wish list. I don’t think I’ll be waiting until next year to read them.

I’m not ready to put this next to Shogun, Byzantium, or Gates of Fire on my short list of books that I’m always looking to reread, but it’s not far off.  Dresden is a very believable character.  He has flaws, self-doubt, and a biting sarcasm that left my wife continuously wondering just what was so funny.  He’s committed to using his gift of magic for good, but at the same time recognizes a lurking evil within him ready to subvert his magic and fuel it with lust and greed.

The story moves along at a good clip, with Dresden sliding into deeper and deeper trouble. Each time it looks like he’s gotten clear, something goes wrong to place him in a more perilous situation than before.  Help comes to him in unlooked for, but not unbelievable places.

If you haven’t read Book 1 of the series, I suggest you do so. You’ll find Dresden to be a compelling character and you can head into Book 2 knowing the back story.  In Fool Moon, you’ll find Dresden helping the Chicago Police investigate a number of grisly murders that have been taking place around the time of the full moon.  The attacks seem to be the work of wild animals.  Wild animal attacks during the full moon?  The only wizard in the yellow pages isn’t brought in unless there is something a little more sinister to it.  But who knew there were so many types of werewolves in Chicago?

There was a few times early on where I thought Dresden was a bit “weak” for a wizard.  He didn’t pull out any sweet moves and seemed a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing.  Butcher does a good of showing Dresden’s resolve, and before the end he dropped some powerful magic.  Turns out he’s a bit of a bad ass.

The book is excellent. I’m not sure much more needs to be said. Pick it up soon. Read it quickly, and buy more of the Dresden series.  I think I’ll be trying out some of Butcher’s other series as well.

4 stars – see the book rating explanation here