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After finishing a long and not so entertaining non-fiction book, I like to read something that I know will pique my interest.  Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files comes through in spades again.  The action kicks in immediately and only slows down for one or two chapters.

This time, Harry Dresden, our erstwhile hero, has some new help in the person of Michael Carpenter.  Michael is known as the Fist of God and is a Knight with a strong Faith and a sweet sword. He watches Harry’s back and destroys evil wherever he finds it. The ghosts in Chicago are running rampant, and it’s up to them to find out who or what is causing that to happen. 

The Dresden files are starting to fit into a mold.  Something ugly goes bump in the night.  Only one person in Chicago is equipped to fight the bad guy, and it’s Harry Dresden.  He sets out to find out what’s going on, and things go from bad to worse to badder to worser in a hurry. I know, not remotely grammatically correct, but I think you get the idea.  Just when you think it is as bad as it gets, it isn’t.  This time, it gets so bad that Harry dies – for a minute.  How can he get out?

Butcher set me up again this time.  As I read through the first half of the book, I started wondering why Dresden didn’t just do some badass magic stuff and get it over with.  He always seems so weak.  Ask and you shall receive.  When things look bleakest, Harry Dresden finds a way to get through.  And he does it in spectacular fashion.

I love a book that causes me to feel some emotion.  As long as it isn’t irritation, it’s a good thing.  This book managed to make me laugh and cheer.  Although it was a familiar plot arc, I really didn’t care.  Butcher does it well and made it feel fresh. I think I’ll try and find out if he can continue to keep it going through the whole series.

Rating: 4 out of 5  (see the rating system)