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After finishing Furies of Calderon, I made sure to find the second book in the series while at a bookstore in Kalispell, MT. Who knew they’d have a nice Borders there?

The second book picks up two years after the first book ended. Tavi is growing strong, but still without his Fury. He is training to become a Cursor, which is like a messenger and spy rolled into one. Thanks to his heroics a couple of years back, the High Lord is his patron, and Tavi finds himself in the middle of political intrigue and an ancient menace that threatens to destroy their world.

It is like a blend of the political intrigue from Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin blended with some alien menace that you would expect from the mind of Stephan King.

I liked the introduction of Tavi’s friends at the Academy. They were solid characters that will certainly play a role in the next book. I also thought his love interest was a solid addition to the book.

I did not like the Vord, which turns out to be the main menace. It was alright. I guess it is as good as any hive-brained, shape-shifting, mind-controlling alien menace can be. I get that it was referenced in the first book, so that it was good to wrap up what was a potential question. It just seemed out of place to me. It did setup a few really enjoyable fights, though.

All in all, it was an entertaining and acceptable second book. I liked it enough that I will definitely be reading the third one soon. Butcher keeps on rolling in my book.

Rating 3 out of 5. (ratings)