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If you are anything like me, you loved the Tom Clancy novels. At least you did until Red Rabbit and Teeth of the Tiger. The disparate yet interwoven storylines in books like Clear and Present Danger, Debt of Honor and Rainbow Six kept me riveted and always wondering how it would all come together. Clancy was a master of technology as well, which he showed in each novel as well as in his series of non-fiction books like Fighter Wing and Special Forces.

Point of Impact is like a Clancy novel without the extraneous story lines and political power plays. It is the story of one man, his sniper rifle, and a dastardly plot to frame him for a murder he didn’t commit.

The book is fast paced, well executed, and any NRA members wet dream. There was a little too much rifle detail for me at times, but I found the same with Clancy. Sometimes the books just get a little too technical, but it shows you that the author knows what they are talking about, and the character truly is an expert at what they do.

If you liked the penultimate scene on the hill in the jungle in Clear and Present Danger (The Battle of Ninja Hill, Chapter 27), you will love the gun battle on the hill in the forest in this book. It is the second book I’ve read with Bob Swagger. The other was 47th Samurai and I loved that book. By the way, Bob Swaggers nickname is Bob the Nailer. That’s just great.

Checking this Wikipedia page it appears there are three other Bob Swagger books. I believe I’ll be picking those up now.

Oh, and I’ve seen the movie “Shooter” that is based on this book. It isn’t half bad, but the book is much better, as it typically the case.

Rating 4 out of 5  (see ratings)