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Has anyone listened to a piece called “Bolero”? It was written in 1875 by Maurice Ravel of France. Bolero is almost an experimental piece of music, in that it exists entirely of one, 17 minute long, crescendo.

I have never heard it myself until it was the question in Final Jeopardy a few days ago. When I heard that, I realized that Daemons are Forever is the fictional equivalent Bolero. The only difference is that Green starts his book on forte already, and it just keeps getting louder until you can almost not bear it anymore.

I don’t know about you, but I have not read too many other books that include a witch, druids with magical armor, elves, fairies, luck vampires, inter-dimensional demon hunters, immortal serial killers, time travel, a ghost and his past self, a future warrior from another series of the author’s own books, TWO higher dimenionsal beings, soul eating demons, half-breed demonspawn, and a button that can wipe out an entire universe in an instant. And that’s just the half of it.

I read Green’s first book in this series, The Man with the Golden Torc, and enjoyed it. There is action on every page, more trouble than you have ever tried to imagine, and a hip, James Bond feel to the whole thing.

If you want to be overloaded with paranormal imagery and cool fights, this book is for you. If you prefer dialog and existential debates, maybe not so much, although the time travel discussion might make your head explode. I know I’ll be going back for The Spy Who Haunted Me soon.

3 out of 5 (explain the ratings to me!)