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After reading a biography about Stalin, I figured it was time to pick up something that I could breeze through in a few enjoyable evenings. Butcher’s Dresden Files series was an easy choice.

Summer Knight is book four of the Dresden Files. Harry Dresden is a wizard, who just happens to be listed in the Chicago phone book and helps with lost items and paranormal investigations. He also happens to get himself in situations that most normal people can’t imagine.

In this latest installment, Harry finds himself as the focus between the Red Court of the vampires, and the White Council of the wizards. Both sides want to kill Harry for starting a war between the two sides. In order to prove his trustworthiness to the wizards, Harry must somehow find a way to stop a separate war between the Summer and Winter Queen’s of Faerie.

The action is non-stop and very enjoyable as I have come to expect from the Dresden series. New magic and more dangerous situations hide around every corner. Harry Dresden manages yet again to be vulnerable and yet come through and kick some ghoul ass in the end. There are even some nice twists and turns for those who particularly enjoy the mystery portion of this series.

The only downfall is that I’m concerned the books are becoming repetitive. There are a lot more Dresden File books, and I am looking forward to reading them, but I am unsure how often Butcher can go back to the same well and bring out a fresh story. I think I’ll try and find out though.

Rating 3 out of 5.  (What’s this?)

Oh, good news. There were three new books left on my shelf, but I didn’t feel like reading any of them. So, I’ve decided it’s time to read a couple of the books that I consider classics. First up: Shogun. I’m already about 300 pages in, and I can’t put it down. And it’s my fourth time through it!