Bob Lee Swagger is a man of few words, granite-like stillness, and complete calm. Even when pursued by the baddest of men, he finds a way to become the hunter and bring the fight to his enemies.

I’ve read two previous books starring Bob Lee Swagger, Point of Impact and The 47th Samurai. I enjoyed both of those books by Stephen Hunter, and I can say the same thing for Black Light.

This book takes place after Point of Impact, but well before 47th Samurai. Bob is coaxed from the quiet family life that he has carved out for himself, to go back to his hometown in Arkansas. A writer wants to do a book about Bob’s father, Earl, and the night he was murdered. Bob reluctantly agrees, but soon finds that the murder was much more than an arrest gone awry. The night of Earl’s murder resonates forty years later, and involves the CIA, night vision snipers, an Arkansas crime boss, and a Presidential hopeful.

Hunter rights a tight, technically sound novel. He has a number of great battles, a dose of mystery, and a dash of humor. And in the end, there’s a reveal that pretty well took me by surprise.

The Bob Lee Swagger novels have been a hit for me so far, and I plan on reading more of them as soon as I can.

Rating: 4 out of 5 (What’s this?)