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If you’ve read any of the past reviews on this website, you’ll know that I’ve become a big fan of Jim Butcher’s work. He has great plots, interesting characters, magic, humor, and interesting fight scenes. Death Mask, the fifth book in the Dresden Files series, is no different.

I read this book in about 7 hours, all in one lazy Saturday. I imagine that’s a great testament to the book all on its own. Do you need to hear about the death duel with a Vampire Warlord, fights against Fallen Angels, or a return of Dresden’s former lover who now has the strength and abilities of a Vampire?

Probably, you don’t need all that. If you’ve read a Dresden file book before, you know what to expect. Harry Dresden is going to have a very bad dad. Unimaginable horrors will assail him and his small band of faithful friends from all sides. Humanity will be unaware of the danger, and ungrateful for the help. In the end, right when it seems darkest, Harry will find a way through.

It’s pretty much the same. But the characters, the bad guys, and the settings are so much fun, it almost doesn’t matter.

Rating 3 out of 5 (What’s This?)