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I’m happy to announce that The Lure of Power is available! It is the sixth chapter in the Saulzar Codex – a series of short stories focusing on Saulzar, a fierce warrior battling to overcome his own past. You can learn more about the project here.

I’d love for you to stop by and pick it up. It’s a short story at 8400 words and is priced at $0.99.

How about some free reading? Here’s the same sample you’ll find on the Amazon website:


He dropped his pack to the ground and slumped down beside it. Leaning against the rock ledge, on the side of the mountain trail, he closed his eyes and sought his water bottle. Blessed water sloshed within. Images of the desolation he had survived flashed through his mind; the unrelenting sun, fierce dust storms, sand so hot his feet blistered through the leather soles of his shoes, a mouth so dry and cracked his gums bled.

The joy he felt at the first clear stream past the Aridad desert was more keen than memories of his mother’s warm embrace. More real than sinking a knife into the throat of a hardened murderer before it could be done to him.

He saw Boda Zadaei’s fat, seething face whenever he closed his eyes.

It haunted his dreams now as he slept beneath the azure sky, a fresh mountain breeze soft against his sunburnt skin. He awoke later, the sun past its zenith and trailing down to the distant horizon. Its heat was not so harsh here, and he took back the curses he had heaped upon it while he baked in the sand for so many days. He remembered now the joy he felt when he lounged upon a rooftop in the Warren of Sol and felt the sun upon his skin.

He stood and regarded the trail before him, following it up the mountain until he saw the dome of a distant building. If Dyuta’s disciple was to be trusted, he would find the Durrant Heil there and his flight would be at an end.

The trail was steep and narrow and sweat beaded upon his brow as he hiked. The sun was near to setting when he rounded a final bend and saw the monastery before him. He stopped in his tracks, mouth agape. The red-infused light played upon the massive stone blocks of the monastery, which reflected the light back like fresh blood welling from a wound. Its dome rose high above the ground and Saulzar had to crane his neck to contemplate its full majesty.

There were many grand buildings in Sol, but here on the side of a mountain, amidst the glory of nature, man had wrought a monument that both defied and deified nature. It rose from the cliff as if it was one with the mountain, while proclaiming that there was nothing man could not do if it were in his mind to do it.

A man approached while Saulzar stood staring, vainly trying to comprehend its magnitude.

You’ll find The Lure of Power in Kindle format from the Amazon store  If you don’t already have a Kindle or a Kindle app, I highly recommend it to you. Here are a couple of ways to get started:

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