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It’s finally here! Get the complete Saulzar Codex at Amazon for $6.99.


Saulzar is a mighty warrior that wishes for nothing more than a simple life with companions that he loves. But what happens when his life becomes entangled in forces far greater than he can imagine? Can he pay the price to keep the bonds of friendship alive? Or will the lure of power and a sword of legend teach him the true cost of revenge?

Follow Saulzar from his thieving youth in the bustling city of Sol and into the shadow of empire, where he seeks a focus for his wrath. He is a barbarian unchained, and the world will tremble when he finds a release from his rage.

The Saulzar Codex contains the original twelve chapters of the story, plus two bonus tales. It is approximately 300 pages.

It is just the beginning of Saulzar’s epic tale.

The Saulzar Codex

A Fall from Grace
#1 A Price to Pay – Saulzar battles his grief and the vengeful spirit of Flynn.
#2 The Bonds of Friendship – Saulzar and Janus seek the vessel of Herna.
#3 The Illusion of Control – Saulzar and The Wolves must assassinate the Warlord of Komarna.
#4 A Release from Rage – Saulzar completes his task as Kubetsai-jo, but suffers a great loss.

A Lesson in Honor
#5 The Cost of Revenge – A young Saulzar battles the criminal empire known as the Arah.
#6 The Lure of Power – A young Saulzar seeks to join the Durrant Heil.
#7 A Sword of Legend – Saulzar battles the undead to obtain the sword he is destined to wield.
#8 The Love of a Woman – Saulzar fights for the hand of the beautiful Jafina.

A Spark of Hope
#9 To Lead a Pack – Saulzar leaves humanity behind and joins with a wolf-pack.
#10 The Shadow of Empire – Saulzar’s wolves terrorize the Genai at the behest of the emperor.
#11 A Barbarian Unchained – Guided by Omen Taru, Saulzar seeks vengeance.
#12 A Focus for His Wrath – Saulzar seeks to balance the scales of injustice.

Bonus Stories
A Baptism in Blood – Saulzar’s family is attacked by wolves. Survival was just the beginning.
The Warrior – The email that started the series.

The Saulzar Codex is just a prequel to a much larger novel. If you enjoy this story, please leave a review on Amazon and share it with your friends. The more reviews and shares it receives, the more likely that more will be written.

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